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Article: Together for sustainability and transparency

Insieme per la sostenibilità e la trasparenza

Together for sustainability and transparency

At CASAGiN we are constantly looking for more sustainable and innovative materials . Therefore, we regularly introduce new compositions: swimsuits in regenerated Econyl , GOTS organic cotton T-shirts , slippers in recycled wool , sustainable sportswear made from recycled and biodegradable materials... But there is something in detail that has characterized our brand since its birth: our adventure, in fact, began with the development of a specific line dedicated to underwear and loungewear ; and this is because these are the kind of garments that more than any other remain in contact with our body and our skin. And since everything we come into contact with transmits its energy to us, we are convinced that clothing made with passion and commitment, with quality and natural materials, can really make a difference and provide us with the well-being we really need. This is why our first step into the world of fashion, which for us is a tool of communication and change, was to search for and test the best fabrics on the market , so as to bring our customers a harmonious and delicate, resistant and certified product. , those that once tried you can no longer do without. To do this we opted for made in Italy , selecting 0 kilometer companies, a few steps from our offices, quality artisans capable of guaranteeing ethical clothing. But not only that, we had the luck and ability to find a revolutionary company that, like us, has always focused on nature and innovation. We are talking about Lenzing AG , which with itsfabrics of natural and botanical origin, derived mainly from beech and eucalyptus wood, has made ecologically responsible production its mission . This company is based in Austria in the town of the same name and the CASAGiN team received an exclusive invitation for a visit reserved for this unique reality . We thus spent an intense day full of content and meetings because our goal is to provide everyone with maximum transparency , regularly meeting each of the companies we work with.


In reality, our journey began the day before when we got into the car from Padua to reach the aforementioned Austrian town, which is only 500 kilometers from our offices. The arrival was scheduled for Attersee (a small village adjacent to Lenzing) which boasts a famous lake, a summer holiday destination for the famous painter Gustav Klimt, who immortalized the landscapes from Kammer Castle. Waiting for us, a Lenzing manager immediately told us how that lake was, in a certain sense, the turning point for the company already in the 1970s, when the public administration imposed on the group (born in the 1930s ), to adopt eco-sustainable measures aimed at safeguarding the quality of the lake and the surrounding nature. The evening then ended in the company of other Lenzing staff members and the following morning our tour of this fantastic reality began. We had the opportunity to meet other members of the Austrian company, to talk about collaborations and natural dyes, follow company presentations and visit the various production sites: the wood is first chopped, then transformed into pulp, then into cellulose and finally into a thread that we then have it transported to Italy to create the fabric which will then be used to make the CASAGiN garments. What we use is TENCEL™ Modal (derived from beech fiber) and TENCEL™ Lyocell (derived mainly from eucalyptus fiber) for underwear and loungewear , but the company produces different types of fibers and other products. In fact, thanks to the high quality, level of biodegradability and compostability, Lenzing fibers are also very suitable for hygiene products and agricultural applications. Lenzing's biorefinery processes ensure that 100% of the wood is used to produce pulp to generate fiber (40%), bio-based products (10%), and bioenergy (50%).

The Lenzing Group's business model goes far beyond that of a traditional fiber producer. Together with its customers and partners, Lenzing develops innovative products along the value chain, creating added value for consumers and partner companies. The Lenzing Group is committed to the efficient use and processing of all raw materials and offers solutions to help redirect the textile sector towards a more circular economy.

To conclude, we can say that it was a wonderful experience, useful for deepening the world of sustainability, especially on a global level. In fact, we are talking about a group with offices in various countries around the globe. Adopting an eco-sustainable approach is no longer one possibility among many but is increasingly a priority as climate change is becoming a topic of primary importance and criticality . It is no coincidence that based on forecasts by the most accredited economists and experts in the world, the success of companies in the coming years will be closely linked to an eco-sustainable approach or in any case linked to the resolution of climate change. We at CASAGiN have been committed for a few years, since we were born, to offering all our customers the tools necessary for a more ecological and natural approach to consumption. With your support and that of partner companies like Lenzing we will certainly be able to make this planet a better place.

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