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Article: Dope'mine nation

Dope'mine nation

Dope'mine nation

Our organism is a real laboratory capable of generating balance. Serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine are those neurotransmitters, also called feel-good hormones, generated in order to regulate the important bodily functions of a society that has evolved in the search for good mood, pleasure and tenderness. But dopamine is perhaps the largest continent to explore, in a twenty-first century characterized by wars, loss of identity and indeed balance. In fact, if serotonin regulates circadian rhythms and appetite, and oxytocin, the love hormone, is important in social and sentimental interactions, dopamine is the expedient to modern capitalism, the key to reward and pleasure mechanisms, in the control of memory, sleep and mood: stimulates vasodilation, intestinal motility and lymphocyte activity, acting as a natural physiological antidepressant; as well as being linked to our flow of consciousness and awareness...

In short, the brain is particularly linked to pleasure, especially in modern times: music, food, drinks, herbs and medicines, but also clothes, sex, love, friendship, money and power. Everything can be traced back to the mere search for pleasure; and everyone has their own. The way the brain signals pleasure is through the release of a neurotransmitter (a chemical messenger) called dopamine in the nucleus accumbens , the pleasure center of the brain. This is generally good, as it ensures our survival path. In a fifth of a second we fall in love and in an equally short space of time we feel jealousy, fear and anxiety: all attributable to dopamine.

Although, it must be said, there is dopamine and dopamine: there is the so-called natural one and the artificial one, variants created in the laboratory and connections between authentically genuine synapses , perhaps stimulated by a fortuitous encounter. In short, there are experiences such as drugs that indirectly activate the release of dopamine and others that are more spiritual, so to speak, which, like love, act without causing physical or economic damage. It is up to us to choose those experiences that we consider most rewarding; and consider these experiences our inner wealth, the place to draw on in times of difficulty. Consider those in front of us for the number of experiences lived rather than for the number of coins pocketed. Knowing that our body has an incredible capacity for self-repair, relative to those that may be the result of internal imbalances capable of acting on both a physical and mental level. The balance in the release of dopamine is in fact closely linked to neurodegenerative diseases, hatred and depression: a tsunami that is crossing the entire world, involving millions and millions of people. Like Covid, which led to an exaggerated increase in young people suffering from depression and anxiety due to the S protein (Spike) which acts on neutralizing antibodies (NAbs), naturally produced by our humoral immune system. But again, if we consider Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, the origin of the disease seems to have been discovered: if dopamine is missing, memory goes away. We could therefore hypothesize that something is wrong with many of the drugs we take, capable of inhibiting dopamine, which does not block the receptors only in places where there is too much of it, but also in places where there is not enough: the reason why these drugs, while effective for positive symptoms - due to blocking receptors in regions of the brain that have too much dopamine, also tend to increase negative symptoms, cognitive problems, as well as the risk of parkinsonism in patients taking them, due to dopamine blocking in regions of the brain where there is too little dopamine.

What to do then? Knowing the world we live in can help us survive; and following the examples around us, thinking about innovating and offering new meaningful experiences, can lead to the birth of new solutions and opportunities : in this infinite cosmos of potential, through the path we have chosen. Always remembering to love, because we can love without knowing, but we cannot truly know without first loving.

Let us avoid, when possible, feeding on: terror, mistrust, unprepared press and toxic images, which spoil our good mood and dry up dopamine. Henry Bergson, the great French philosopher, in his essay: "Laughter, an essay on the meaning of the comic", establishes the vital importance of laughter by stating: "laughter corrects those behaviors that would endanger the survival of the species" .

Dopamine and serotonin, then, must not be rebalanced exclusively with psychotropic drugs . There is meditation, words, regressive and evocative medical hypnosis, biological and psychosomatic medicine, gentle medical homeopathy and above all a lot of dedication of doctors and specialists, who with honesty and hope give smiles back to many souls who have lost their joy to live.

Pleasure CASAGiN

Introducing the concept of emotional sustainability therefore means opening a new generation of empathetic feelings and virtuous actions towards sustainable development. Enraptured by the culture of fast food, speed and immediacy, seasoned with the incessant desire for material things, we have distanced ourselves from the pleasure of inner serenity , which appears incompatible with the functional attitudes of success, competitiveness, the need to control emotionally unsustainable behaviors and language.

We, in CASAGiN , seek the right balance by experimenting with clothing: our motto is sustainable well-being, our mission is to wear happiness. The clothes we offer are strongly connected to the psyche and neuronal processes: the new " dopamin dressing " trend is proof of this... choose outfits that positively influence our mood (perhaps antibacterial, hypoallergenic and made with love... imagined to relax - like when you wear tracksuit or pajamas), to act in a more functional way in every situation. We are used to bringing out what we feel inside: with our natural, made in Italy and quality clothing, we start from the outside to improve our inside. So as to thank what we are inside, without hating what we are outside.

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