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Article: Yoga clothing: here's what to wear

Abbigliamento Yoga: ecco cosa indossare

Yoga clothing: here's what to wear

Exercises, meditation, breathing. Yoga is good for the mind and body.

Yoga is a real spiritual path that you choose to undertake to focus your attention on yourself, on your daily thoughts and problems, to transform stress into positive energy or, simply, to breathe well thanks to a meditative activity which helps the mind and body. The lessons are mostly held free-body, barefoot on a mat or in direct contact with the grass or sand (for those lucky enough to practice it en plein air ) so clothing is essential to prevent the body from feels forced and the movements are tiring and not very fluid.

How was Yoga born and what are the benefits for mind and body?

Yoga is a real philosophy of life, born in India more than two thousand years ago. Since then many things have changed but the discipline has maintained its main characteristics. The benefits of this activity have been certified by numerous scientific studies which ensure both physical and mental benefits. Among the numerous advantages it brings to the body, the most important concern:

– improvement of physical strength;
– greater flexibility and balance;
– purification of the body from excess harmful waste;
– younger and brighter skin;
– the prevention of muscle pain and back pain due to posture defects.

The advantages for the mind, however, are multiple and concern both cognitive abilities and the emotional/emotional sphere. In particular, there is a greater ability to manage and overcome anxieties, stress and conflicting emotions, reduce panic attacks and insomnia thanks to breathing techniques and finally, an element not to be underestimated, it improves concentration. Practicing this discipline, therefore, is very important but like any discipline it is good to practice it in the best way: with the help of experts and with the right clothing, so as to accompany each movement in a gentle way.


Which clothes do you prefer for doing Yoga?

The fabrics with which our products are made are all 100% natural and suitable for all skin types because they are hypoallergenic and do not retain sweat. During Yoga sessions, making movements easy and not feeling constrained by the clothes you wear is very important. The garments must be soft, elastic and breathable. The CasaGIN Yoga clothing proposals are complete: from briefs to joggins, everything you need to practice your favorite sport.

Harem Pants

Soft at the waist, wide at the ankle, they do not stress the skin, it will be like not having them. CasaGIN Harem pants are perfect for practicing yoga. They leave the legs free to move and perform all movements with extreme care and precision.

The bra

During yoga, comfort must be total and this is why, in the clothing to choose for practicing this discipline, a bra cannot be missing. For greater comfort and freedom, we have eliminated the elastic waist, underwires and cups to make the CasaGIN bra an example of absolute comfort and freedom.

The thong

CasaGIN thongs are perfect to wear especially when doing sports because they are very delicate on the skin and make every movement comfortable. Furthermore, the 100% natural breathable fabric does not stress the body. Available in different colors.

Legging or jogging

Our leggings and joggers are made of beech wood fiber, with which they are made, which reduces the formation of bacteria for an incredible feeling of well-being. Available in different fashion colors.

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