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Article: Recommended Pilates clothing

Abbigliamento per Pilates consigliato

Recommended Pilates clothing

Doing Pilates benefits the mind and body. Joseph Pilates, creator of the method, knew it well: treating the body means first of all treating the mind. So it was that at the beginning of the twentieth century he borrowed some techniques from Yoga and other oriental disciplines to transform them into the basis of a new discipline that focuses entirely on concentration, the center of gravity and breathing.

An important challenge that the discipline has won.

Today it is widely practiced and offered in every gym thanks to trained instructors who follow each exercise step by step both free body and with tools in order to guide those who practice it to come into contact with their own body.

But what is the right clothing for practicing Pilates ? The garments most suitable for the discipline must be:

- rubber bands;

These three characteristics are very important because they must help movements, make them free and must not make you sweat , a common problem for those who practice sports.

Which Pilates garments to choose?

The first piece of advice concerns size : avoid wearing clothing one, two, three sizes larger than yours. To facilitate movement, it is necessary to wear tight-fitting shirts and leggings that flatter the body without stressing it; furthermore, the instructor will need to control your movements and therefore oversized clothing would tend to hide small defects in posture and execution. The right size does not mean clothing that is too tight. In particular, for Pilates it is important that the garments are supportive without compressing and that they are extremely breathable because sweating is normal when playing sports but could be a problem if you let it dry. This is why fresh and natural clothing helps you avoid sweating too much. We know how important breathing is for the skin! This is why our products are made with 100% natural fabrics. Furthermore, they are hypoallergenic and do not retain sweat , a very important value for those who practice sports.

Pilates clothing, 100% CASAGiN

We dress everyone comfortably. And for those who practice Pilates our proposal is complete.

The tank top

If you practice Pilates, our tank tops are ideal.

Fitted to the body , long below the waist and in micromodal, a natural fiber fabric derived from beech wood. Furthermore, it is breathable and extremely soft to the touch for long-lasting comfort.
Available in different colors.

Leggings or joggings

Comfort! It is the watchword for those who practice Pilates and our leggings and joggings respond precisely to this need. The beech wood fibre, with which they are made, reduces the formation of bacteria and gives a pleasant feeling of well-being.
Available in different colors.

The bralette

A soft bra that wraps without tightening and provides support throughout your workout . We have created a bralette that combines softness and freedom , eliminating underwires and closures to recreate a true sensation of comfort, maintaining only one very soft elastic never in contact with the body capable of supporting even the most comfortable shapes.

The briefs

Simple and extremely comfortable. Briefs are not to be underestimated when choosing your clothing for practicing Pilates, because they can be the first source of stress and make movements difficult . The material is breathable, hypoallergenic and 100% natural.
Available in different colors.

Now you have everything you need to practice Pilates correctly and without stressing the body. What are you waiting for?

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