Sustainable well-being
Underwear and clothing made of natural fibres
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"We think that everything around us transmits its energy to us. People, no doubt, but also things, what we see, eat, touch ... and what we wear."

For your well-being

Here at CASAGiN, we believe that small choices can have a huge impact on our lives and our inner and outer well-being! And that is why we wish to set a positive example of a conscious and sustainable lifestyle.

But how can a garment convey well-being?

Have you ever thought about where the clothes you wear were made? What were the conditions for the workers? What harmful chemicals were used in the dyeing process?

We believe that the way a garment is made directly affects the way you feel when you wear it, and there are certain characteristics that a CASAGiN garment must have to convey the unique feeling of well-being and harmony that we seek.

Zero harmful chemicals

The first characteristic that a garment must have to convey well-being is that it must be healthy for our skin and our bodies. The dyeing process is one of the most dangerous and invasive processes in the textile industry, not only for the environment or the health of workers, but also for the end consumer. Many dyes contain carcinogens and heavy metals such as nickel, formaldehyde and mercury that can be extremely harmful to our health in the long run. It is the most dangerous process of making a fabric, and in many countries there are still no regulations governing it.


That is why we have decided to dye our fabrics exclusively in Italy under the strictest controls, choosing only dyehouses certified textiles that share our standards of sustainability and health. All of our fabrics are also Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified as free of harmful substances.

Hypoallergenic properties

CASAGiN'Underwear and clothing is ideal for people with sensitive skin or who need products with hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic properties. In fact, we are one of the few Italian brands of Underwear that also sells its products in pharmacies and parapharmacies, and we are delighted to convey a feeling of well-being to all those seeking specific help. Our fabrics are also extremely soft and breathable, thus further counteracting the formation of bacteria.

Natural and organic fibers

A corner of nature on your skin. There is nothing like feeling the softness and freshness of a natural, organic fiber on your skin. Organic fibers such as our beech wood fibers and organic cotton fibers are extremely pleasant on the skin. They also fight body odor and do not retain lime during washing.

Emphasize all forms

Even the design of a garment can convey a feeling of comfort. Each piece of Underwear and CASAGiN clothing is designed to emphasize each silhouette in the most comfortable way possible. We have incorporated open seams that stretch with the movement of your body and we chose only the softest materials that wrap around you without squeezing. We have and are still constantly expanding our size range up to size XXL.

Positive energy in creation

On a more spiritual level, we believe that every worker transmits his or her energy to the product he or she is making or creating, in the same way that an artist transmits his or her energy to his or her art and a cook transmits his or her energy through his or her food. A positive work environment, fair pay, and respect for the individual are crucial factors in creating a positive product that makes you feel your best. So we support and stand for ethical working conditions and fair wages!

Respect for the environment

The knowledge that we are wearing environmentally friendly clothing makes us happy and feel good in our own skin. We are proud that with each piece of clothing we are saving resources such as water and soil and drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Conscious choice creates peace of mind, and wearing clothes in harmony with the world around us creates a unique feeling of unity and harmony.

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