The fabric made from beech fiber is 100% natural

Particularly resistant to pests and damage to the environment, the beech tree reproduces itself via the “rejuvenation” process, in this way the forest heritage extends automatically. Irrigation or artificial cultivation is not necessary because the beech forests are a natural and permanent source of raw materials.

Austria hosts the entire production process of Lenzing Modal, from cellulose to fiber. This means that Lenzing Modal is CO2 neutral and that the impact on the environment is kept to a minimum.

Every aspect of beech wood can be used. In addition to cellulose, other valuable materials are extracted (the acetic acid used for the production of foodstuffs, xylose, the base of the production of sweeteners, the sodium sulfate used for the production of glass). The rest of the wood is thermally used in the Lenzing plants, contributing considerably to the production of energy.

The benefits are evident, not only for the environment but also for the skin. Lenzing Modal not only gives the fabrics a smooth and soft appearance, but also a greater resistance compared to traditional cotton. If washed in hard water it does not retain minerals such as limestone, and shrinks and discolors much less than cotton. Lenzing Modal has an absorbing capacity 50% greater than cotton, leaving the skin always dry and fresh. Wearing our garments in Lenzing Modal will be like wearing a bit of nature in contact with the skin.